April 2, 2010

Welcome and Program Overview and Warm Up

Principles of Effective Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits
There are a number of emerging principles for effective social media use. We’ll take a look at these with some examples from different arts organizations and other nonprofits.


Spectra Gram: How Is Your Organization for Social Media?

This full group exercise will allow us to explore organizational readiness and personal comfort with social media and help us break into small groups to play the game.

Social Media Game

This training simulation game will help participants apply the principles of social media strategy and learn about a wide range of social media tools.


Listening and Engaging On Twitter: Primer and Experiment In A Box
Twitter is an easy place to start for many nonprofits because you can do listen and engage and it doesn’t take too much time once you understand the work flow. We’ll also be supporting one another using Twitter with the HashTag: #artslab

Setting Up A Listening Post
Listening is the very first step. This section will cover best practices in setting up a listening post that can help your organization discover where your audience hangs out on social spaces and what they are saying about your organization. Can help you formulate an engagement and content strategy.

The Gift of Time: Explore Online Tip Sheets and Begin Designing Your Experiment

Participants will work in small groups with their laptops to review the presentations and online tip sheets. There will be time to answer questions.

Reflection and Closing
We will leave some time at the end to review the wiki, scheduling, reflect on what we’ve learned, and next steps.