Westchester Workshop

This material is a from a workshop I did at Westchester Community College on April 25th. I've created this wiki a "leave behind" for workshop participants and others interested in the arts and social media.



I used my N95 to capture the introductions and find out more about why participants wanted to attend the work and their current social media usage patterns.


The morning session was an interactive lecture and demo. I allowed people to asked as many questions and jumped from the Powerpoint out to the Web to demonstrate points.

Content in slide show based on these blogs posts
Arts 2.0 Examples
Arts on YouTube
Time Investment


During the afternoon, we played the Social Media Game. I used this deck of cards .


(1) Pick someone in the group who is thinking of using social media or make up a scenario
The scenario are the details about the organization, why it wants to use social media, etc
(2) Decide whether you want to use social media to: listen, participate, create content, or build community.
(3) Determine objectives for your social media strategy
(4) Brainstorm strategy
(5) Think about metrics
(6) Identify some questions that you need to explore in an experiment

This is a video documenting the groups playing the game. A representative from each small group did a report out. During the report outs I took notes on the wiki, did quick demos to answer any questions, and post queries on Twitter for any questions.


Asked people to tell me what they learned, one thing they will put into practice, and one question they still have. Documented this on my N95. Here's the video.