Report from Groups

Group 1: New Media Group Student Club

  • Lack of communications between members
  • Launch a more aggressive networking ability
  • Primary tools that matched needs
  • Needs: get other users to join Facebook, better time management to participant, get members to understand that there are benefits to networking, that isn't just social
  • New members - overwhelming at first. A lot of members struggle with software skills. Will have more group tutorials to help students.
  • Get a copy of Jesse's book
  • I asked for some advice on Twitter and learned that a good guy to follow in Twitter for FB

Group 2: New Media Group Student Club
  • To post jobs from outside folks for the students
  • Thought about Twitter, but Linked In might work better - maybe group feature
  • Post by email blog for people to email job listings
  • Problem: potential employers are not computer saavy - artists who need web sites - hire someone who is web saavy
  • Voice to text - Grand Central - use email posting address to blog -
  • Cards that might be best - YouTube for New Media Group, Technorati - look into Twitter to LinkedIn - and either to the Web
  • Twitter response re: Grand Central

Group 3: Promoting Gallery Events

  • Increasing visibility of events
  • Increasing web presence
  • Metric: Better attendance, creating rec. links to arts groups in the area, capturing emails for audience
  • Starting a blog for the gallery on word press - a forum to promote events and link to college site which is static.
  • The blog part is dynamic.
  • Link to outside artist site - get around policy issue.
  • Been curating gallery for a long time, wanted to do a historical retrospective.
  • Get artists to upload photos in Flickr.
  • Lectures are video taped - use ITunes for college - distribute on the blog